About us

The founder of the Harvest Preparatory School Network, Dr. Rod Parsley, is a forerunner of Christian education by establishing one of the leading and largest private Christian schools in Central Ohio, presently known as Harvest Preparatory School.  Since its inception in 1986 with 186 students, the school now enrolls nearly 1,000 students annually from Preschool-Grade 12.

In 2004, Dr. Rod Parsley received a prophetic word from God saying, “In order to rescue a generation, it must be accomplished in two ways: authentic evangelism and education.”   Dr. Parsley knew there was more to accomplish in the education space.  He knew that while what he accomplished at the local and state level were thriving, he knew that it was time to expand the reach of education to the nation, which birthed the Harvest Preparatory School Network.

This network of faith-based schools was established as the educational arm of the City Harvest Network to help pastors and local churches develop Christian schools within their own spheres of influence, with a goal of reaching every state, while also providing opportunities and resources for already existing Christian schools.